How to Market Your Handcrafted Jewelry Designs as Collectible Art

If you sell your own handcrafted jewelry designs, it’s important that you differentiate your jewelry line from mass produced jewelry commonly found in department stores. By doing this, you can not only command higher dollars for your jewelry designs but you’ll also sell more jewelry since people will perceive that your pieces are one-of-a-kind and can’t be commonly. One way to distinguish your handcrafted jewelry designs is to market them as collectible works of art. To do this, you’ll have to make a few changes to your jewelry line and your marketing techniques:
Market your handcrafted jewelry designs as art: Use the highest quality materials

If you’re going to be high end and collectible with your handcrafted jewelry designs you can’t skimp on materials. Find a reliable supplier who can supply you with materials at a good price but don’t purchase exclusively on the basis of price. If you’re using crystals, use Swarvoski, not less reflective imported crystals. You’ll also want to avoid using base metal findings since these can change colors over time. Don’t ever underestimate your customers’ ability to detect quality.

Market your handcrafted jewelry designs as art: Make each design in limited quantities

Don’t mass produce your jewelry designs if you plan on elevating them to the status of art. Decide how many pieces of a particular design you’ll make and then stop. This will increase the value of your jewelry designs in the eyes of your customers since they’re available only in limited quantities. You may want to include a small card with each jewelry design noting that it’s a limited edition piece and state how many copies of the design were produced. Customers like to feel like they’re purchasing an exclusive piece.

Market your handcrafted jewelry designs as art: Give each jewelry design a name

When you visit an art museum, you’ll notice that the great works of art all have a name. If you’re marketing your jewelry as art, you’ll increase sales by giving each jewelry design a name. Make sure the name you give each design is consistent with your designs and your overall theme. It also adds to the emotional appeal and value of your jewelry if you sign each piece.

Market your handcrafted jewelry designs as art: Use professionally produced marketing materials

Marketing materials to sell high end art jewelry need to be professionally produced with clear photos. If you’re serious about entering higher end markets with your jewelry, you may want to avoid whipping up jewelry cards and brochures on your home computer. Let a professional do the job. It will pay for itself many times over when you get your handcrafted jewelry into the high end galleries.

Market your handcrafted jewelry designs as art: Select your markets carefully

If you want to market your jewelry as art, approach the higher end craft galleries with your work. Avoid cheapening your jewelry designs by selling to lower end markets. By approaching galleries with professional marketing materials and unique, limited production jewelry designs, you’ll stand a good chance of having your work accepted. Don’t restrict yourself to marketing your jewelry locally. There are art and craft galleries across the country looking for unique jewelry to display in their store. Be persistent and consistent with your work and you should meet with success.