Galaxy S Giorgio Armani Offers Great Design with Stunning Features

There is a serious lack of high-end smart phones that come in limited edition models that will appeal to those who want some exclusivity in their phones. It is quite surprising that Samsung once again is the saviour of such people after it has launched the new Samsung Galaxy S Giorgio Armani edition to satisfy the hunger of such people. As the name suggests, it is a special edition phone of the popular Samsung Galaxy S. Hence, it will be retaining most of the mechanical parts of the original phone. The technical specifications of the phone have not been changed at all. The area where the Samsung Galaxy S edition improves over its predecessor is in the looks department.
The Italian brand Giorgio Armani is well-known around the world for being the best when it comes to offering world-class style. The brand has been incorporated into the Samsung Galaxy S in a way that it will not intrude into the phones brilliant features. The usage of the engravings of the designer brand over the 4 inch touch screen display has meant that the style factor of the phone has gone up a notch. Technically, the touch screen display remains untouched and it still is capable of delivering a punch when it comes to high end media requirements. Super AMOLED display technology is the technology behind the 4 inch touch screen display and it is capable of astonishing performance. It is probably the only display that can currently challenge the Apple iPhone’s retina display.

One area where the Samsung Galaxy S differs from the special edition is in the metal casing at the back of the phone. In the normal phone, you will be finding only a plastic cover that is not at all what you need when you want to give away that premium image. Hence, Samsung has duly replaced the plastic cover with a metal cover in the Samsung Galaxy S Giorgio Armani edition. This makes the phone look extremely good and it finally lends the phone that premium image that it so craved for. The internal aspects of the phone, as previously stated, have remained unchanged. The phone will be having the Android 2.2 or the Froyo operating system. The usage of the latest Android 2.3 operating system remains to be seen. The phone has the same five megapixel camera that is so popular since it is capable of taking high quality pictures that do not occupy too much space in the memory.

It is not like the memory is limited in the phone. This is because it has a whopping 16 GB internal memory that is complemented by the presence of memory card support of up to 32 GB. The presence of the powerful 1 GHz processor in the phone means that the operations of the phone is very smooth and it is not dependent on the application that you will be running. The phone is priced at around £40 per month under contract options. Moreover, you may also desire to explore Samsung Galaxy S Armani for other available deals.