DesignTech FM Voyager: Use Your Mobile Music Device in the Car

The DesignTech FM Voyager allows you to run your portable music device through your car’s FM radio. The FM Voyager plugs directly into your cigarette lighter, or power outlet. It then digitally displays twelve channels from which you may choose. Select and tune in to one of the channels. Attach the FM Voyager to your portable CD player and you have instantly installed a CD player in your vehicle, at a fraction of the cost of a new stereo system. The FM Voyager will also attach to your MP3 player.
DesignTech’s FM Voyager promises quality sound, because unlike other FM transmitters, it doesn’t cut out the high and low frequency sounds. It also preserves your vehicles maximum audio frequency range, so that you don’t have to adjust and re-adjust every time you get in the car. The 12 volt device runs from constant power from your cigarette lighter.

If you aren’t in a position to have a stereo system installed, the DesignTech FM Voyager is a simple, short term solution between $30 to $50. It depends on where you buy it. Shop around because of the variable in price differences. The sound quality is decent, but doesn’t compare to an installed CD player. If my options were strictly radio, or the use of an FM transmitter, I would definitely go with the DesignTech.

It has a few features that other FM transmitters don’t offer. The cord is retractable, and should it become lost or worn, it can be replaced with a standard 1/8″ stereo cable, or replacement cables can be ordered. The DesignTech FM transmitter also offers complete technical support through a 1-800 number. They also have a liberal return policy and offer a two year warranty. If you haven’t improved your car radio/stereo situation within two years, and the Voyager malfunctions, you deserve to spend thirty bucks on another one.

For optimal sound, without distortion, your portable music player should be set at about half-way when you plug it into the FM Voyager. The only hindrance is that you may not get your music as loud as you like it. Again, if it is that important to you, get a new stereo system and forget the FM Voyager. The DesignTech FM Voyager is specifically designed as a do-it-yourself device to enhance your vehicle without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars.

If, however, sound quality and function are important to you, nice radio/CD players can be purchased at very reasonable prices. Many come with instillation instructions, or can be installed for between one hundred to two hundred dollars. Add new speakers as you can. I’m a music lover, and this is the way I would go, I don’t care for the intermittent pit stops in between quality.

However, if you need your music and you need it now, the DesignTech FM Voyager is one of the best FM transmitters in its class. It will definitely get you by. Don’t forget to unplug it when it’s not in use. The one thing not covered in the two year warranty is heat damage, and that is the most likely damage to be caused by constant use.