DesignTech FM Voyager: Use Your Mobile Music Device in the Car

The DesignTech FM Voyager allows you to run your portable music device through your car’s FM radio. The FM Voyager plugs directly into your cigarette lighter, or power outlet. It then digitally displays twelve channels from which you may choose. Select and tune in to one of the channels. Attach the FM Voyager to your portable CD player and you have instantly installed a CD player in your vehicle, at a fraction of the cost of a new stereo system. The FM Voyager will also attach to your MP3 player.
DesignTech’s FM Voyager promises quality sound, because unlike other FM transmitters, it doesn’t cut out the high and low frequency sounds. It also preserves your vehicles maximum audio frequency range, so that you don’t have to adjust and re-adjust every time you get in the car. The 12 volt device runs from constant power from your cigarette lighter.

If you aren’t in a position to have a stereo system installed, the DesignTech FM Voyager is a simple, short term solution between $30 to $50. It depends on where you buy it. Shop around because of the variable in price differences. The sound quality is decent, but doesn’t compare to an installed CD player. If my options were strictly radio, or the use of an FM transmitter, I would definitely go with the DesignTech.

It has a few features that other FM transmitters don’t offer. The cord is retractable, and should it become lost or worn, it can be replaced with a standard 1/8″ stereo cable, or replacement cables can be ordered. The DesignTech FM transmitter also offers complete technical support through a 1-800 number. They also have a liberal return policy and offer a two year warranty. If you haven’t improved your car radio/stereo situation within two years, and the Voyager malfunctions, you deserve to spend thirty bucks on another one.

For optimal sound, without distortion, your portable music player should be set at about half-way when you plug it into the FM Voyager. The only hindrance is that you may not get your music as loud as you like it. Again, if it is that important to you, get a new stereo system and forget the FM Voyager. The DesignTech FM Voyager is specifically designed as a do-it-yourself device to enhance your vehicle without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars.

If, however, sound quality and function are important to you, nice radio/CD players can be purchased at very reasonable prices. Many come with instillation instructions, or can be installed for between one hundred to two hundred dollars. Add new speakers as you can. I’m a music lover, and this is the way I would go, I don’t care for the intermittent pit stops in between quality.

However, if you need your music and you need it now, the DesignTech FM Voyager is one of the best FM transmitters in its class. It will definitely get you by. Don’t forget to unplug it when it’s not in use. The one thing not covered in the two year warranty is heat damage, and that is the most likely damage to be caused by constant use.

8 Web Design Mistakes You Should Avoid

When you create a new website you do it with the goal of creating a perfect site. While that’s just not possible, we can still try our best. If you follow the pieces of advice that I’ll give you in this article, then maybe you’ll get closer to having the perfect website. Now without further ado, here are the top eight web design mistakes you should avoid.
Content. Break up your content into readable sections. This can be in the form of bullet points, numbered lists or paragraphs. Doing this will instantly make your content easier to read.

Navigation. Your surfers will leave your site if they don’t know what they’re supposed to do next. Therefore you should offer them suggestions on where to click such as related content, popular posts or categories.

Color. Create your website with a white background and black text. This combination is the easiest on the eyes. Most sites do this combination. Why? Simple, because it works.

Windows. Don’t open links in new windows. Nowadays, your visitors are savvy enough to open new windows if they wish to do so. If your site is good enough they’ll hit the back button and come back to your site.

Contact. Create a contact page and make it easily accessible. Doing this will allow your visitors to notify you of any problems or suggestions with your site. Having a contact page will also give your website more credibility.

Media. Sites that are media-rich are great. But when you have videos playing automatically on the page load it is simply annoying. You should allow your visitors the option to play the video if they want to.

Flash. This topic is heavily debated, but it is my personal opinion that websites with Flash should not exist. There is text, pictures and videos – nothing else. Plus when you use Flash iPhone and iPad viewers can’t view the content.

Splash. Splash pages (aka intro pages) used to be popular. I still see some of them around from time to time. The reason you shouldn’t have one is that your website does not need an introduction page. Just present them the content on the main page or else you risk having them leave.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these eight tips to and if you’d like some more web design tips check out my entrepreneur blog.

8th Grader Has Designed a Smash Hit Apple App: Bubbleball

To begin the story, I was sitting down in school working on a web page and programming in HTML. I felt pretty good knowing that I was by far the most experienced in the class and could work my way around web page design quicker and easier than everyone else.
It was a beautiful day and the open blinds were allowing warm, yellow sunlight to spread about the classroom and penetrate our goosebumped skin. It was a perfectly comfortable moment. School was almost out and I had just finished my assignment when the teacher stepped up to the front of the classroom for a last minute announcement.

“Kids, I have a very special announcement.” We all perked up eagerly to listen to Mr. Marvin. “Something amazing has just happened in the world of computer programming. A local kid from Spanish Fork has just designed the most popular, free, iPod touch app.” ‘Pretty cool,’ we all thought.

Mr. Marvin continued, “That’s great and everything. Knowing that someone local has the time to sit down and make the most popular apple app yet. But get this… he’s in eighth grade. And he’s fourteen years old.”

That’s when our jaws dropped. Eighth grade? 4-5 years younger than we were? Who would of thought that such a little kid could totally bypass the ‘smarter’ high schoolers (as well as countless people around the world), in creating something for apple that is truly phenomenal (not to mention successful)?

“The game’s called Bubbleball. And it’s free,” Marvin followed up. “If you guys want, for those of you who have an iPod or iPhone, I’ll let you download it and play it for the last several minutes of class. Savvy?”

The next thing the class did, of course, was whip out their iPods and iPhones to download the app. Then everyone started having a blast with the new game.

Me? I immediately went to my computer terminal and started researching this. Sure enough, there were several articles about it on the local news and more on national news. This was real. And I couldn’t believe it.

Next I found a video interview with the kid (his name was Robert Nay) and I saw his face. Of course I recognized him. The town of Spanish Fork isn’t that big. That’s when I said to myself, “Oh! That kid!”

During the interview, I found out that his home designed app had just passed up angry birds (the previous most downloaded app) by thousands. Bubbleball had over 2 million downloads in just two weeks! Another cool fact is that this kid is pretty much set up for any job in computer science that he wants. Companies from all over the world want him to come work for them. I guess they think he must be a genius or something…

Currently, Robert is working on his second app, which will definitely be around 99 cents. Now you may ask yourself, “Now why not make it free again?” The thing is, if he had made Bubbleball cost 99 cents, he’d be a millionaire right now.

At the moment, Robert’s goals are to pay for college with his second app (which will hopefully be as successful), and attend the local university, BYU. Thanks for reading.

Galaxy S Giorgio Armani Offers Great Design with Stunning Features

There is a serious lack of high-end smart phones that come in limited edition models that will appeal to those who want some exclusivity in their phones. It is quite surprising that Samsung once again is the saviour of such people after it has launched the new Samsung Galaxy S Giorgio Armani edition to satisfy the hunger of such people. As the name suggests, it is a special edition phone of the popular Samsung Galaxy S. Hence, it will be retaining most of the mechanical parts of the original phone. The technical specifications of the phone have not been changed at all. The area where the Samsung Galaxy S edition improves over its predecessor is in the looks department.
The Italian brand Giorgio Armani is well-known around the world for being the best when it comes to offering world-class style. The brand has been incorporated into the Samsung Galaxy S in a way that it will not intrude into the phones brilliant features. The usage of the engravings of the designer brand over the 4 inch touch screen display has meant that the style factor of the phone has gone up a notch. Technically, the touch screen display remains untouched and it still is capable of delivering a punch when it comes to high end media requirements. Super AMOLED display technology is the technology behind the 4 inch touch screen display and it is capable of astonishing performance. It is probably the only display that can currently challenge the Apple iPhone’s retina display.

One area where the Samsung Galaxy S differs from the special edition is in the metal casing at the back of the phone. In the normal phone, you will be finding only a plastic cover that is not at all what you need when you want to give away that premium image. Hence, Samsung has duly replaced the plastic cover with a metal cover in the Samsung Galaxy S Giorgio Armani edition. This makes the phone look extremely good and it finally lends the phone that premium image that it so craved for. The internal aspects of the phone, as previously stated, have remained unchanged. The phone will be having the Android 2.2 or the Froyo operating system. The usage of the latest Android 2.3 operating system remains to be seen. The phone has the same five megapixel camera that is so popular since it is capable of taking high quality pictures that do not occupy too much space in the memory.

It is not like the memory is limited in the phone. This is because it has a whopping 16 GB internal memory that is complemented by the presence of memory card support of up to 32 GB. The presence of the powerful 1 GHz processor in the phone means that the operations of the phone is very smooth and it is not dependent on the application that you will be running. The phone is priced at around £40 per month under contract options. Moreover, you may also desire to explore Samsung Galaxy S Armani for other available deals.

How to Market Your Handcrafted Jewelry Designs as Collectible Art

If you sell your own handcrafted jewelry designs, it’s important that you differentiate your jewelry line from mass produced jewelry commonly found in department stores. By doing this, you can not only command higher dollars for your jewelry designs but you’ll also sell more jewelry since people will perceive that your pieces are one-of-a-kind and can’t be commonly. One way to distinguish your handcrafted jewelry designs is to market them as collectible works of art. To do this, you’ll have to make a few changes to your jewelry line and your marketing techniques:
Market your handcrafted jewelry designs as art: Use the highest quality materials

If you’re going to be high end and collectible with your handcrafted jewelry designs you can’t skimp on materials. Find a reliable supplier who can supply you with materials at a good price but don’t purchase exclusively on the basis of price. If you’re using crystals, use Swarvoski, not less reflective imported crystals. You’ll also want to avoid using base metal findings since these can change colors over time. Don’t ever underestimate your customers’ ability to detect quality.

Market your handcrafted jewelry designs as art: Make each design in limited quantities

Don’t mass produce your jewelry designs if you plan on elevating them to the status of art. Decide how many pieces of a particular design you’ll make and then stop. This will increase the value of your jewelry designs in the eyes of your customers since they’re available only in limited quantities. You may want to include a small card with each jewelry design noting that it’s a limited edition piece and state how many copies of the design were produced. Customers like to feel like they’re purchasing an exclusive piece.

Market your handcrafted jewelry designs as art: Give each jewelry design a name

When you visit an art museum, you’ll notice that the great works of art all have a name. If you’re marketing your jewelry as art, you’ll increase sales by giving each jewelry design a name. Make sure the name you give each design is consistent with your designs and your overall theme. It also adds to the emotional appeal and value of your jewelry if you sign each piece.

Market your handcrafted jewelry designs as art: Use professionally produced marketing materials

Marketing materials to sell high end art jewelry need to be professionally produced with clear photos. If you’re serious about entering higher end markets with your jewelry, you may want to avoid whipping up jewelry cards and brochures on your home computer. Let a professional do the job. It will pay for itself many times over when you get your handcrafted jewelry into the high end galleries.

Market your handcrafted jewelry designs as art: Select your markets carefully

If you want to market your jewelry as art, approach the higher end craft galleries with your work. Avoid cheapening your jewelry designs by selling to lower end markets. By approaching galleries with professional marketing materials and unique, limited production jewelry designs, you’ll stand a good chance of having your work accepted. Don’t restrict yourself to marketing your jewelry locally. There are art and craft galleries across the country looking for unique jewelry to display in their store. Be persistent and consistent with your work and you should meet with success.