8th Grader Has Designed a Smash Hit Apple App: Bubbleball

To begin the story, I was sitting down in school working on a web page and programming in HTML. I felt pretty good knowing that I was by far the most experienced in the class and could work my way around web page design quicker and easier than everyone else.
It was a beautiful day and the open blinds were allowing warm, yellow sunlight to spread about the classroom and penetrate our goosebumped skin. It was a perfectly comfortable moment. School was almost out and I had just finished my assignment when the teacher stepped up to the front of the classroom for a last minute announcement.

“Kids, I have a very special announcement.” We all perked up eagerly to listen to Mr. Marvin. “Something amazing has just happened in the world of computer programming. A local kid from Spanish Fork has just designed the most popular, free, iPod touch app.” ‘Pretty cool,’ we all thought.

Mr. Marvin continued, “That’s great and everything. Knowing that someone local has the time to sit down and make the most popular apple app yet. But get this… he’s in eighth grade. And he’s fourteen years old.”

That’s when our jaws dropped. Eighth grade? 4-5 years younger than we were? Who would of thought that such a little kid could totally bypass the ‘smarter’ high schoolers (as well as countless people around the world), in creating something for apple that is truly phenomenal (not to mention successful)?

“The game’s called Bubbleball. And it’s free,” Marvin followed up. “If you guys want, for those of you who have an iPod or iPhone, I’ll let you download it and play it for the last several minutes of class. Savvy?”

The next thing the class did, of course, was whip out their iPods and iPhones to download the app. Then everyone started having a blast with the new game.

Me? I immediately went to my computer terminal and started researching this. Sure enough, there were several articles about it on the local news and more on national news. This was real. And I couldn’t believe it.

Next I found a video interview with the kid (his name was Robert Nay) and I saw his face. Of course I recognized him. The town of Spanish Fork isn’t that big. That’s when I said to myself, “Oh! That kid!”

During the interview, I found out that his home designed app had just passed up angry birds (the previous most downloaded app) by thousands. Bubbleball had over 2 million downloads in just two weeks! Another cool fact is that this kid is pretty much set up for any job in computer science that he wants. Companies from all over the world want him to come work for them. I guess they think he must be a genius or something…

Currently, Robert is working on his second app, which will definitely be around 99 cents. Now you may ask yourself, “Now why not make it free again?” The thing is, if he had made Bubbleball cost 99 cents, he’d be a millionaire right now.

At the moment, Robert’s goals are to pay for college with his second app (which will hopefully be as successful), and attend the local university, BYU. Thanks for reading.