8 Web Design Mistakes You Should Avoid

When you create a new website you do it with the goal of creating a perfect site. While that’s just not possible, we can still try our best. If you follow the pieces of advice that I’ll give you in this article, then maybe you’ll get closer to having the perfect website. Now without further ado, here are the top eight web design mistakes you should avoid.
Content. Break up your content into readable sections. This can be in the form of bullet points, numbered lists or paragraphs. Doing this will instantly make your content easier to read.

Navigation. Your surfers will leave your site if they don’t know what they’re supposed to do next. Therefore you should offer them suggestions on where to click such as related content, popular posts or categories.

Color. Create your website with a white background and black text. This combination is the easiest on the eyes. Most sites do this combination. Why? Simple, because it works.

Windows. Don’t open links in new windows. Nowadays, your visitors are savvy enough to open new windows if they wish to do so. If your site is good enough they’ll hit the back button and come back to your site.

Contact. Create a contact page and make it easily accessible. Doing this will allow your visitors to notify you of any problems or suggestions with your site. Having a contact page will also give your website more credibility.

Media. Sites that are media-rich are great. But when you have videos playing automatically on the page load it is simply annoying. You should allow your visitors the option to play the video if they want to.

Flash. This topic is heavily debated, but it is my personal opinion that websites with Flash should not exist. There is text, pictures and videos – nothing else. Plus when you use Flash iPhone and iPad viewers can’t view the content.

Splash. Splash pages (aka intro pages) used to be popular. I still see some of them around from time to time. The reason you shouldn’t have one is that your website does not need an introduction page. Just present them the content on the main page or else you risk having them leave.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these eight tips to and if you’d like some more web design tips check out my entrepreneur blog.